Sunday, 3 August 2008

Microsoft Stylecop

I ran into Microsoft StyleCop the other day. While I disagree with some of its style conventions, I agree with most of them. I can forsee see the day when it will be the default for nearly all C# applications.

To this end I hope JetBrains update ReSharper to be able to auto format to the Microsoft standard. Much of it is boilerplate but it would be really good.

There is a JetBrains enhancement request for this so feel free to add your vote if you are a ReSharper user. (Search for (RSRP-71904) StyleCop / Source Analysis reformatting if the link doesn't work)

StyleCop itself will be adding the ability to auto format code to their coding conventions ( and Jason Allor responded to me via email that they will be publishing their style rules in a document soon.

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