Wednesday, 5 March 2008

When UI design wins!

At work we have to record our time on our time sheets. I have never been all that good at doing this, partly making it up each week once I had to fill it in. I've tried a few timing programs in the past but hadn't found a good one.

Recently I looked again. At first I was suggested one by a work colleague. Susheila said "It looks like government made it" when she saw it. So I looked around some more.

Then I found SlimTimer by Richard White. It just kicks arse over the other timing programs I have looked at. All you do is add tasks and select your current task. Then it logs the time you have taken.

Combined with bubbles which puts an icon in the system tray for any url you care to imagine this has transformed my time sheet world. I now actually know what I do each day and for how long. Some tasks that I feel are taking ages, I can now prove are taking ages, which gives me more information to choose when to pull the plug.

The reporting section is one of the wonders of SlimTimer, its just obvious how to use it.

I thoroughly recommend it.

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