Tuesday, 11 March 2008

My goals for the year

Better late than never I figure Ill put down my goals for the year. I must be feeling motivated.

1. Marry my gal Susheila. Thats an easy one.

2. Build a web page. The aim is to make a self sustaining, low maintenance web page. I have always wanted a Sudoku helper/hinter. Something that will help me with the tough ones when I get stuck. I plan to use it as an excuse to firstly learn Ruby and web programming which I am sorely lacking in.

Secondly its part of a larger plan to make some money from the web eventually.

Thirdly its an ad for my skills.

3. Search for houses/apartments. This I will leave until later in the year when the housing market has settled a bit.

Well thats all for now and thats probably a big enough list for now.

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