Monday, 22 October 2007

SQL Server 2008 and AJAX session

Last Thursday i went to another of the Readify developer networks sessions.

This time Greg Low put on a show about SQL Server 2008 and all its new goodies
The highlights that come to mind are partial indexes, sparse columns and the huge number of other things they have added. In one of those amazingly useless Microsoft slides, Greg displayed all 100 or so things that have been added. Why can't Microsoft group these under headings? please.

T/SQL seems to have undergone a bit of a change too with table types being passed into procedures now and separate Date and Time classes now. All good stuff.

Damian Edwards came back for a repeat performance to follow up his Silverlight presentation of a few weeks ago. This time it was on AJAX and the basics. Time was short and Damian sped through the basics of AJAX, if you were already a web developer you may have felt it was a bit light on. For myself I'm just learning web stuff, but being a coder of a few years experience it was a good look at how Microsoft AJAX works in the new rich internet world.

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