Saturday, 6 October 2007

Readify .Net Session

Last thursday i went to a free session hosted by Readify at Cliftons on collins st. It was about WPF and Silverlight. It was part of the Readify Developer Networks sessions. If all of the presentations are to be of this standard then i highly recommend them.

I came away with some new things out of the silverlight session
- Silverlight has isolated storage on the client side
- Javascript can be called and can get called from managed code

and a few things from the WPF
- XAML is pretty amazing and I can imagine will become amazingly hard to read very quickly.
- XAML forms have a practical limit of 5000 items in their control tree
- Windows Forms can be hosted from XAML and vice versa

And most imprtantly i think i got inspired a little on the way.

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Clarence said...

Yeah, that session was very interesting. Now I have to find a way to use some of that in a project...