Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Anyone else noticed blogs are dying

Has anyone else noticed how a lot of bloggers just aren’t posting anymore.  Has the initial buzz gone away.  Of course some blogs are going strong like coding horror, but even that took a hiatus while they built Stack Overflow.

Maybe its moved to Facebook pages instead as they are easier to make.


Lynne S of Oz said...

My blog is still about! I admit the house blog isn't updated much - hard to update when we aren't there, and my travel blog has been rather neglected.
btw, found Buzz. Ok it has been there for ages. Found you here that way.

Tim Yen said...

Yeah I just think that a lot of people have let their blogs slide a bit after the initial rush. Thats OK people move on to other things. Maybe its twitter thats sort of taken it over.

Alex Williamson said...

I think it really depends what you want to read. There are too many voices out there, so some will die through their readership dwindling, but there are people who I always look forward to hearing updates from, those sort of informative blogs won't go away.