Monday, 29 December 2008

CodeFest 2008

The inaugural CodeFest 2008 is over. Attendees Clarence Bakirtzidis and myself made our first 3 silverlight apps. Though I have made a small one before for work.

Hello World
Showing some images
Showing a video

We spent a day from 10 am and it was a lot of fun.
We used Microsoft live to host the silverlight apps as its free, the only hitch is it has no database. The video was encoded using Expression Encoder and the code was Developed using Expression Blend2 sp1 and Visual Studio 2008.

Our next attempt will have to be a game, or so we said as clarence left.


Clarence said...

Yeah, that was fun and my first attempt at doing anything in Silverlight (other than a "Hello World" app). Hopefully, we can produce something more advanced next time - perhaps even a game ;-)

Monda said...

Hi Tim, i found your blog entry by accident. I was looking for a friend of mine, clarence bakirtzidis for a while now. I knew him from Uni but has lost contactwith himsince. I wonder if you can pass me his email address, if it is in fact the clarence that i knew. :)

Thanks Tim! I appreciate your help.


Tim Yen said...

yeah monda, he's clarenceb at gmail