Tuesday, 1 January 2008

PowerShell and silverlight downloads beta

I ran into the new windows PowerShell the other day at another Readify Developer Network session. Presented excellently by Mitch Denny with true geek cred.

So following the cues I downloaded space invaders for PowerShell by soapyfrog. Its an interesting example of how to to things in PowerShell and get graphics going.

Excellent stuff must get into it some more.

Also in my travels I have run into the new silverlight based microsoft downloads page. At work we have been debating whether or not silverlight will kick off. Its a plugin afterall, and people are loathe to download plugins. But this is sheer genius, make the default download page use silverlight and the world downloads your plugin. Also the world downloads the latest version of your plugin too. Once again another example of microsoft proving it is the catch up football king.

Silverlight is here to stay and could really start to make inroads.

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Mitch Denny said...

Hi Tim,

Glad you liked the session. PowerShell rocks!